About Jizoan

Jizoan is a traditional japanese-style inn (or “ryokan” [旅館]).
Jizoan is located in Aoshima, known for its temperate climate and beautiful sea along the lush green Nichinan Coast.
It is a scenic place where you can see the clear sky in front of you.
This is the only purely Japanese-style hot spring inn in Miyazaki city The name of the inn "Jizoan" comes from a high virtue monk.
“Jizoan“ means Jizo's house. We have enshrined Jizo in our inn and have carefully kept it.
Since then, to to receive Jizo’s blessing, many guests have come to visit from all over the world.
More recently, the Jizoan shrine has become known as a place of spiritual power particular for women to pray for safe childbirth and be blessed with healthy children.
Additionally, our hot spring is reknowned as among the highest quality in Japan.
We will be waiting earnestly to host you for your stay.

Guest Rooms

This is a Japanese-style inn of traditional wood construction.
Please enjoy the traditional Japanese atmosphere.
There are six rooms in total:

【Standard Room】3 rooms
 Main building
  • Approximately 16.5 m² (10 tatami mats [畳])
  • Japanese-style rooms
  • Tatami floor with futons
  • Private washroom (bath optional)
【Premium Suite】2 suites
  • Approximately 25 m² (15畳)
  • Japanese-style rooms
  • Tatami floor with futons
  • Private washroom and hot spring bath
【Large Suite】1 suite
 2-Story Cottage
  • Approximately 50 m² (30畳)
  • 1st Floor - tatami floor common room
  • 2nd Floor - hardwood floor bedroom
  • Private washroom and hot spring bath

About Jizoan‘s Hot Spring

Our hot spring baths (onsen [温泉]) are located in a stand-alone building.
They are available for guests to use as a private bath. There is no reservation system.
The premium suites have their own bathtubs as well, fed by our hot spring source.
The quality of Jizoan’s hot spring water is amongst the top class quality in Japan, having a pH balance and mineral profile that gives it an excellent cleansing feel on the skin and beautifying effects Jizoan is a prime location allowing you to enjoy a wonderfully relaxing time in a traditional japanese onsen.

Spring Type: Hydrogen carbonate spring – pH ≥ 9.8

Effects: Skin beautifying effects; relief for neuralgia, muscle pain, joint pain, frozen shoulder, motor paralysis, joint stiffness, bruising, sprains, hemorrhoids, poor circulation, cuts, burns, chronic skin diseases, et cetera.

Meal (Dinner & Breakfast)

You can choose a stay with two meals provided, B & B or a Stay only plan.

 Plum wine
 Assorted seasonal dishes
 Fresh salad bowl
 Sweet corn cream soup
『Boiled vegetables』
 Steamed egg custard and vegetable
『Grilled beef』
 Black Japanese Wagyu Beef Steak (A5)
 White rice
 Assorted selection
 JIZOAN’s special rice cake
 Japanese Tea
 3 assorted dishes (seasonal)
 Salad of the day
 “Hiya-Jiru” local cuisine cold soup with fish,
 cucumber, welsh onion, sesame and miso.
 Fried bean curd cake with vegetables
 and other ingredients
『Grilled fish』
 Fish of the day (seasonal)
 White rice
 Assorted selection

Location & Access

 1-6-4 Aoshima, Miyazaki City, Miyazaki prefecture, Japan
 Postal code 889-2162

  10 minute walk from JR Kodomonokuni Station.
   10 minute walk from “ANA Holiday inn” bus stop on the Aoshima Line.
   25 minutes from Miyazaki Station via Route 220

About aoshima Miyazaki city

Aoshima is a small island, with a circumference of around 1.5 kilometers, that is surrounded by strange rock formations called the "Devil's Washboard".
The Island is connected to Aoshima Swimming Beach on the mainland via “Yayoi Bridge”. The island includes plenty of lush sub-tropical vegetation.
Putting together native and intentionally cultivated spermatophyta, there is a total of different 226 species on the island, this includes 74 families, 174 species, 2 sub-species and 5 forma. In addition to this, there are also 17 kinds of fern plant, making a final total of 226 species.

 Aoshima, Miyazaki City
 Train/ 10 minutes walk from JR Aoshima Station.
 Bus/ 10 minutes walk from Aoshima bus stop on the Aoshima Line.
 Car/ 25 minutes from Miyazaki Station.

History of Jizoan

In 1937, Akiyoshi Kawagoe opened a large hotel at Aoshima Beach, the predecessor of Jizoan. He desired for visitors to enjoy the charm of Aoshima.
The hotel was popular and became busy with visitors every day. The hotel was successful for several generations. However, the grandsom of the founder developed a sore heartache for children who would drown in Aoshima every and lose their lives.
One day, a monk of high virtue from Mt. Koya stayed overnight. The owner confided in him about his heartache.

The monk told him:
“Build a shrine for Jizo towards the beach of Aoshima.
Your wishes will surely come true as I tell you."

Since then, the beach has become freed from the terrible occurances that would transpire in years past. Additionally, the owner’s wife was sick, but she became well.
Time has passed. In 1993 we came to the name of our inn as "Jizoan" from that monk. “Jizoan” means Jizo's House. We have enshrined Jizo at our inn and have carefully kept it.
Since then, many guests have come to visit from all over the world to get Jizo’s blessing.

About Jizo 地蔵庵菩薩

Jizo is ojizo-san.
Everyone calls ojizo-san with friendly

Jizo is a guardian angel 
He is the most popular Buddha in Japan, we can see on the roadside as well as temple.
He has an important duty to stay in this world and relieve people.

As Jizo is in this world, the appearance is like human monk, wearing a robe.
Sometime, Jizo wears a bib, because Jizo helps specially children.

“Jizoan” means Jizo's house
We have enshrined Jizo in our inn and have carefully kept it.