Reserve Input(予約情報内容入力)

Reservation Information(予約情報)

Please use this form to make your reservation. Customer's information will be sent encrypted.

Reservation flow(ご予約の流れ)

  1. After you finish filling out the form, please use the "Confirm" button and "Send" button at the bottom of the page to send it.
  2. We will email you confirmation of your reservation within 3 days after checking the availability.

Room Charge


Please note that filling this form does not guarantee a reservation.
Refer to the confirmation mail we will send to your email address within 3 days of your application. If by chance you do not hear a reply from us within 3days, please call or email to make a reservation.
Two meals provided
1 2 3 4 5 6
standard × × × × × ×
premium ¥47,300 ¥52,600 ¥77,300¥100,800××
large¥60,000¥66,000¥97,500¥127,600¥156,800 ¥184,800
B & B plan
1 2 3 4 5 6
standard ¥26,800 ¥26,800 × × × ×
premium ¥34,300 ¥38,000 ¥55,400¥71,600××
large ¥45,800 ¥50,800 ¥74,500¥97,200¥118,700¥139,100
Stay only plan
1 2 3 4 5 6
standard ¥24,000 ¥22,400 × × × ×
premium ¥32,100 ¥36,000 ¥52,000¥67,000××
large ¥43,700 ¥48,600 ¥71,200¥88,200¥107,500¥104,700
For weekend and National holiday stays, there is an additional charge per room.

Cancellation fees are as follows

The day to have gotten in touch High season Low season
15-30 days before the date of stay 50% of total fee no cancellation fee
10-14 days before the date of stay 80% of total fee 30% of total fee
4-10 days before the date of stay 80% of total fee 50% of total fee
2-3 days before the date of stay 80% of total fee
the day before the date of stay 80% of total fee
the date of stay 100% of total fee
No notice 100% of total fee

Comformation of reservation

Confirmation of reservation is PAYPAL after credit payment.

Reservation Information(予約情報)

Staying Period(滞在期間)

Arrival time(到着時刻)

Room Type(部屋タイプ)

room type person per room with bath with toilet number of rooms
standard japanese style 1 ~ 2 ×
1 ~ 2
premium suite japanese style 1 ~ 4
large suite japanese style 1 ~ 6


dinner Black Japanese Wagyu Beef Steak(A5)
breakfast “Hiya-Jiru” local cuisine Japanese breakfast


Ema Pray for safe childbath and be blessed with healthy children

Number of Guests(利用人数)

adult Tatami floor with futons
child Tatami floor with futons 80% of adult[under 12years old]
baby No futons ¥2,500-[under 3years old]

Guest Information(お客様情報)

Full Name(ご宿泊者名)
E-Mail address(メールアドレス)

Please type it again.(もう一度ご入力ください。)
Phone Number(電話番号)
Country Name(国名)
If you have any question, comment or request to us, please fill in below.